The Story of Meesho: From Humble Beginnings to Unicorn Status



Meesho, a name synonymous with social commerce in India, boasts a remarkable journey – from a failed on-demand delivery service to a billion-dollar company. This blog delves into the origin story, the innovative approach, and the phenomenal rise of Meesho, a true champion of empowering micro-entrepreneurs.

This is the journey of Meesho’s Success

The story begins in 2015 with two IIT Delhi graduates, Vidit Aatrey and Sanjeev Barnwal. Their initial venture, Fashnear Technologies Private Limited, aimed to provide an on-demand delivery service for fashion products from local shops. However, the concept failed to gain traction in the market.

The Pivot to Meesho (2016):

Undeterred by the initial setback, Aatrey and Barnwal decided to pivot their focus. Recognizing the growing internet penetration and social media usage in India, they envisioned Meesho in 2016. The new platform aimed to empower individuals to become resellers by leveraging social media networks.

The Core Concept: Social Commerce

Meesho operates on a simple yet powerful model – social commerce. They bridge the gap between suppliers, resellers (often referred to as “Meesho sellers”), and customers. Here’s how it works:

  • Suppliers: Meesho partners with a vast network of wholesalers and manufacturers across India, offering a wide variety of products across categories like fashion, homeware, electronics, and more.
  • Resellers: Individuals can sign up as Meesho sellers with minimal investment. They can then browse the Meesho catalog, choose products, and share them on their social media platforms (WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram) with their network of friends, family, and followers.
  • Customers: Customers discover products through Meesho sellers’ social media posts. They can then place orders directly with the seller on the Meesho platform. Meesho handles the entire transaction process, including payment collection and delivery.

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